10 Tips about sex dolls which you must to know!

With the progress of The Times, the demand for physical dolls in the market is growing, but for most people, silicone sex dolls are a very novel thing ~ one day, due to a variety of reasons suddenly moved, want a favorite, don't worry, writer take you to understand first!


Physical sex doll 10 Common sense and precautions:


A: how many times can the black clothes worn by the entity love dolls be cleaned and how long can they be placed without staining?


Soak the detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has colour.In addition, you can use separate body to do dyeing test, generally to the water without color, will not dye, but a new clothes to wash bubble washing powder water without color, that is not wash 5-6 times can be done.


Two: will white cloth make physical lifelike sex dolls dye?


White will not be dyed, color will be dyed, and generally color in the body fever, will be dyed to the body.


Three: is physical silicone doll easy to dye?


Generally, the clothes themselves are not dyed, it is generally not dyed, if you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-dyeing base clothes or wear light-colored clothes.


Four: about entity love doll, dark clothing dyeing problem?


Usually do not wear dark clothes for a long time, physical sex dolls can be naked, it is better to prepare white underwear.


Five: is wearing a bottom unlined upper garment need not worry about this problem?Clothes can be worn for a long time?Is it also true that clothes will not fade when washed, so they can be worn all the time even if they are dark?And fading is staining, right?


Generally safe point, the clothes bought back with a warm wet white cloth vigorously wipe, as long as there is a little color, it is necessary to wash and then wear or can not wear for long.If the undercoat is worn, it will be no problem if it can cover the whole body of the sex doll.Even if the look does not fade, do not always wear, not afraid of ten thousand afraid of one thousand, especially the knee and the butt that often rub the place most easy to dye.


Six: how to nurse a wig?


You can use shampoo, then put on some conditioner, it will be softer.


Seven: how to hit powder?When you're done?Just put it on?


The whole body.You can put it in a box or on your bed.


Eight: cosmetics to buy what appropriate?


Real people.Anything. It's not a big ask.


Nine: Physical love doll will oil?Which material is not available?


It's gonna be oily.Not to the same degree.Get used to it.


Ten: Usually should change the posture?


Well, sit back and forth, lie down, switch positions, watch your butt.

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