Demand for Worcestershire mum's sex dolls skyrockets in lockdown - and she is now opening a shop

Holly Willoughby was mistaken for a sex doll by a This Morning crew member in a hilarious segment with a Worcestershire manufacturer.
Entrepreneur and mum Jade Stanley appeared on ITV1 today to discuss her booming business.

The 36-year-old mum-of-four from Bromsgrove, in Worcestershire, launched company Sex Doll Official in 2018.

She says her sex doll business is thriving during lockdown due to widespread loneliness.

The mother-of-four says she's noticed an increase in both male and transgender dolls and Jade has been busy creating bespoke dolls costing up to £8,000 which are designed by customer.

She said: "We tailor for anyone."

"Age is no barrier, male or female, there is a wide span of our customer range. During lockdown we had a surge because of isolation issues surrounding people, young old, anybody.

"Every time a restriction would come into place, I would see surges and these dolls are very much companion dolls. When people come to my website they’re looking for more than just a sex toy."

She added: "This is a companion, this is someone to sit in your home and bring a lot of happiness into people’s lives.

"A really large increase in male dolls, there’s a really big market, and transexual dolls as well.

"I’m actually in the process of setting up a pop up shop, because couples usually want to view the doll before they purchase.

"There are a lot of people out there who see a doll as a presence', she told, 'Like having a dog or cat in your home, they do warm up we can put voice boxes in which is quite a big request."

She added: "You choose everything, the dimensions of the doll you’d have, the hair implanted which looks better, you choose every aspect of that doll."




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