Do you want to see sex dolls testing vedio at factory?

Hello ! Nice to See U! Today ,we will take our vedio show for you ! They are all our special sex dolls in my stores.
To See them ,Add tell me which one do you like best, I will pick up randomly one to send a big discount for YOU ! 
She is

Lin (148cm)

She is 

Madison (158cm)

She is 

skylar (158cm)

She is 

Nora (158cm)

A beautiful air hestess sex dolls ,although you can not take her into airplane ,you can hug her at bathroom or your bed.

She is 
A painter to draw your life~
She is 
No one will not love rem ,not right?
So please  comment below ,and tell me which one you love, We will pick one to give her a 100$ discount.

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