How to choose a real sex doll? All information about sex dolls are all here.

Let’s be honest. Your sex doll is going to be an investment. You’ll spend more than 1K on a good doll. You’ll also have to store and care for that doll. Now the good news! Choose the right doll, and this is more than worthwhile. But how to choose a good one?Now I can give you some suggestions and guides

First: Set Your Budget

Any choice should be followed the ability of money of ourselves. so does buying a sex doll .
Now in the market of sex dolls ,good sex dolls are made from TPE or Silicone.Different materials are with different quotations.SO Set a price range for your sex doll.
But as a munufacturer focusing on Sex dolls.I think you'd better set the price Higer than 1000$,for Anything cheaper than that will be made with cheap materials, and will likely not be good using experience.
Secord: Know some basic Knowledge about sex dolls.
Of course ,the use of sex dolls is very help you be prevented from boring life.more 18+words ,I don't want to describe u know.
The sex dolls better than normal blow up dolls.
They are made from TPE or Silicone,which are all materials realistic to real human.
P.S:U can see silicone model as a quintain at shooting places.
By using sex dolls ,U can feel the touching which is the same as real men or women.
But there is not doubt that TPE/Silicone sex dolls have some small problems in using period.

1.spilling oil on surface

For the feature of TPE and silicone,Sex dolls will spill oil on surface as normal rules.
but don't worry about it! we can use Baby Powder to wipe their body to offset this shortage!

2.Having life-span

Normally,Sex dolls can keep well for more than 15 months, which is a situation users can care their dolls well according the sellers’ guide.(Different Sellers’guide will be different , so we suggest you to ask sellers in purchasing.)
However,Even Highest-quality silicone sex dolls also have their using life-span. For the material of sex dolls,it’s very hard to keep original quality. U may find out that Your dolls’skin will be faded generally or even dyed by her clothing,which is so bad for users.
Considering the curiosity in shopping will be lost as time, we should also keep an expectation that we cannot have it for a long time.
So that is why I always suggest my customers to buy sex dolls with middle-price(1000-2000$),not high or low price.

3.The delivery

Usually ,Sellers will deliver your dolls to u with international express .(Nearly most of sex dolls comes from China.)
Good sellers will give u with a discreet package with anonymity to save buyers’ privacy.
The boxes containing the dolls are the same as the picture below, which will be very heavy (20kg-60kg)than u image normally.
They are enough safe to keep the successful delivery to Your Home.

4.How to maintain?

Sex dolls ,particularly TPE sex dolls,are your partners with special kinds accompanying with you.So we should also give our love for them.
There are some tips U can know about this question.


Third: Customize a sex doll!

Now almost all the sex dolls sellers will provide customization service.
Buyers can freely choose any part of your dolls from hair to toenails.
What an Amazed experience will be! You can have an unique sex doll!
Here are some points You need to notice.
*what is bold breast and solid one?
hollow breast means the inner construction of boobs is hollow, not fills with TPE or Silicone.
The price of this kind of boobs is higher than solid one.You have to pay an addition fee for gaining the hollow breast.
The touch feeling will be exciting!I can promise.softer than u want.
*Whether do I need to choose a standing type?
standing type's feet
According the use of yours, we will suggest you whether to buy it.
If you want to take photos for them or take them out of home.We will suggest you to buy standing type,for you can put them on any outside place freely to take photos with various features you want.
If you just want to use them at night,no standing type will be an economical choice for you!
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We are the sex dolls experts.We need your notice!

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