I want to sex with real sex dolls, But I find a new world after searching.

Some analysis about sex dolls

I want to sex with real sex dolls, I also find a new world after searching.

As a worker is selling sex dolls, I shouldn’t be shocked by what I saw from google search engine.

But I was a normal student at home alone serveral years ago, it’s really a fantasticated experience.

No girlfriend, No wife is the sign mark of me at that time, althought I have a perfect girlfriend right now 😉(No dolls)

OK, let’s reback to the topic.

I believe many people had seen many cheap sex dolls on Ailiexpress, Alibaba and so on, and been surprise for the beautiful images showing on the grids.

However,you will gradually find that the images they are showing are all very simmiar.

Yes! I even can see the same images on the same page.

Do you know the one page can only have products no more than 50PCS ??

Our store also has the same images as similar as products showing on this websites.

See Them from:Here

But you need to know that our company have made good relationship with these brand real dolls. (You will notice that any pictures showing on our store are all innocent withount watermark and logo, which means we have lawfully authority to sell them.)

The price makes the different of sex dolls quality. You cannot pay only a few money for changing the heart of sellers with perfect goods.

So many customers had choosen the ugly and bad sex dolls at end, and be harmed for the choice.

Cheaper with Lower Quality

You might finally receive an upset and disapointed silicone toy not dolls after a long time for waiting the delivery form China.


Or at some times ,You might get a real discreet package not 20% of matching the description showing on the website.

If you can improve your budget to 800$ or more.

You will open a god door entering a new world of life size sex doll.

Middle Level Sex Doll

In this field , lifelike sex dolls’ quality is improved like shooting a rocket.

You can easily see the high-quality from these price area.

They are all made from TPE or Silicone (price higer)

You can fundamentally own a realistic sex doll accompanying you every day.

Of course, Choosing a good store, and keeping your judgment veiwing all of them is still very important as far.

Or you will face some jokers and fakers selling inferior dolls with high price to get vast benefits from you.

So clean your eyes from now on. You should contact will them to request real photos before shipping to avoid bad shopping service.

Like this:


If you still want to take a disadvantage of real dolls ,which is too heavy..lol


Our store is based on our own factory, and always makes bussiness relationship with many famous sex doll brands around the world.

If you want to choose a dolls but with many questions about them.

Please contact with me ,we will help you resolve all .

》》》 See our dolls《《《


Who is using real doll?

There hasn’t been any news about the love of children over the years.


"Man marries a doll" and "custom dolls according to the appearance of his deceased wife" have long been a news, and even the existence of urban legends such as "father and son raising seven dolls" is not surprising now.

People no longer use "perverts" to collectively refer to sex dolls lovers. After all, in a highly alienated society, everyone is facing unprecedented loneliness.

In this society, more real people live like a faker, but the more fake ones become more real, and the ethics of human love becomes easier to understand.

The core group of sex dolls is first of all sexually vulnerable groups.

The largest number of buyers are men between 55 and 65 years old.

In the Japanese documentary "Perfect Dummies", a group of men who have suffered emotional trauma, social barriers or have fetish complexes finally come together with the doll.


Log in to the "Doll Forum", which has been established almost 20 years ago. The home page of the "Remembrance and Legend" section commemorates the British "Ava Forum" moderator who died of cancer. He also chose to spend the last stage of his life with his ladies .

According to the "Doll Forum" survey, 33% of silicone doll owners are married or have a stable partner, and they regard the doll as a member of the family.

So we are also a lover of sex dolls and people. We should be given the same standing with others.

That's all .

If you still want to know more about sex dolls news or reports, subscribe us or skip our store 

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