News: Lonely man 'not ashamed' after buying £1,100 sex doll to keep him company in lockdown

A lonely singleton spent £1,100 on a sex doll to keep him company during lockdown.

Scott Pearson, 53, who has been single for almost 20 years, says he can't praise the rubber doll, which he claims resembles Janet Jackson, enough.

He reckons his doll called Kianna for keeping him company during the lonely nights of lockdown.

The kitchen porter says his unsociable working hours make it difficult to maintain a relationship - making his doll the perfect companion.

Scott, who lives in Brighton, East Sussex, said: "I don't really like calling her a 'sex doll' - I prefer the term love doll or partner.

"I'm not ashamed about having a doll, I don't think I am doing anything wrong.

"I was previously married for 10 years and it was a very painful ending in 2001.

"At least I don't have to go through heartbreak again with Kianna.

"I also work long hours and love to have my own space for a bit of peace and quiet.

"But it is important for every human being to release their tension - I found I was very irritable at work before buying a doll.

"I am now much happier as she has helped me feel less lonely and calmed me down a lot.

"I don't think it is weird - it is no different to having sex with a human girlfriend."

Scott praises the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) doll for feeling like a real person.

He said: "Kianna is soft rubber with a metal skeleton so it actually feels like I am cuddling someone when we are watching TV.

He adds: "Kianna isn't a secret - all my friends and colleagues know about her which is why I post photos online - for a laugh.

"But I would never bring her out in public - I would be very upset if someone else was to touch her.

"However, some people are prude and have called me a pervert which is unfair.

"I am not doing anything wrong - and anything sexual is always done behind close doors - just like any other relationship."

"Whereas now, I have someone else to buy clothes, wigs and eyelashes for.

"It is like buying for a real woman - only they would be able to do their own hair and get dressed.

"I am really into Kianna but I am trying to give her the perfect image."

Finally, I sincerely hope everyone can get their lovers in their lives~

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