Sex dolls Anecdote: AMAZING! Do you know Hitler invent the sex dolls?

Amazing anecdote!!

Can you image sex dolls and blow up dolls are invented by Hitler maybe....

Recently, a blog express a perspective that Hiter was attracted by sex dolls.

So, do you think the relationship between sex dolls and the horrow leader of  Nazi.

People begin turn out a hypothsis that Hitler ordered industry researching and producing sex dolls and blow up sex dolls to deal with the soilders' sexual desires.

According to the rumours that the Borghild Project One of troops by supplying sexual dolls to the men.    The project was supposedly inspired by Heinrich Himmler’s 1940 Court into Adolf Hitler that there has been a problem that is syphilis from the houses of prostitution in Paris.  

In the analysis, he published, “The best danger in Paris is that the widespread and uncontrolled existence of whores.”  Hitler allegedly approved the job to provide the soldiers that were to transfer them in their backpacks with dolls.  Hitler supposedly gave his consent to the project, and designers put to work developing a doll or “gynoid” under the oversight of Franz Tschackert in the German Hygiene Museum.

According to the source, the Nazis were fighting and during this time they were deprived of any physical attraction. During that time, Hitler suggested that most men can use the idea of sex dolls.

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At that time, many authorities did similar things. Sex dolls are just a scam. Elizabeth Heinemann, a professor of history at the University of Iowa, is also the author of "Before Pornography is Legal."

Heinemann suggested to us via e-mail: “Porn users are definitely veterans, and the range of products offered by the entire industry is amazing.” She pointed out that the catalog of such items “sometimes exceeded 150 pages by the mid-1950s”, but included The items listed do not include inflatable dolls.

Ok,now the hypothesis is broken by evidences. But do you want to know who really invented the sex dolls??

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Although Hitler didn't invent sex dolls, we still need to know how useful the sex dolls is.

They will be our best friends in many famailies and singles.

They will be also accepted by more people around the world so that sex dolls can saturate the society normally.

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