Some Questions about Sex Dolls you need to know before purchasing a sex doll on Shoppingdolls

  1. Why buy physical dolls?

As far as I know and through the communication with many Sex Doll lovers, there are three Reasons to buy physical dolls.:

First, taking photos. Silicone dolls are really beautiful and can satisfy many people's aesthetic taste: Good shape and beautiful appearance.

Second, accompany. Some silicone doll lovers told me that they are in cities outside the motherland, also having few friends. They usually work very busy and come home from work late. Having a good realistic sex doll around the house makes you feel less lonely.This is why most people want to buy a high-quality adult doll.

Third, the need for sex.

I have to say, with a special design, sex with a doll is a really good experience.So, each friend must make clear oneself why buy?If it is just to satisfy the curiosity, it is not recommended to buy, because we have met some friends, who are curious to get a doll and even bought it, and later regret. After all, the price of baby is not cheap, so please keep cautionous of it.


  1. What kind of physical love doll do you want to buy?

Up to now, the classification of physical dolls on the market is fixed:

TPE physical doll

Full silicone physical doll

Silione head with TPE body love doll

We should also know the advantages and disadvantages of the material:

Generally speaking, the doll made of silicone is more realitic, but it feels harder.

TPE dolls are softer but less realistic,therefore, it is cheaper.

In my opinion, both of them have their advantages. So, you should know your own needs before picking up a sex doll.

Regardless of the price, the advantages of silicone is that there is no smell and no oil, but the overall material is harder, the sex experience is not good, and it is not easy to repair after sex. These are exactly the disadvantages and advantages of TPE:

No matter how good TPE is, it will produce oil, but the better TPE material will produce low oil and light smell. (The oil and smell will not harm human body because many peopel have done the test to confirm the truth normally, sex doll manufacturers don’t have the courage to violate it.

TPE material is soft, which is closer to the skin elasticity of real people. Some factories can even make super soft material, which is not too soft, but it is not recommended to use it, because it will be easy to deform.

Now more people choose the combination of Silicone Head and TPE Body. The silicone head can guarantee the integrity of makeup for a long time, and the body TPE can enjoy the perfect feeling of sex with a love doll.

  1. Where to buy?

Now the purchase is generally in Amazon or Online Store, like Shoppingdolls, WMdolls, SYdolls. Of course,as buyers, you are as far as possible to go to the official self-running store or flagship store, do not be too cheap (Except Sex Doll in USA warehouse, they have special reasons to save the costs), the truth of a reality for goods will always exist, and always believe in the power of the brand, maybe a good brand will be a little higher, but the quality and after-sales service will absolutely let you greatly worry.

Finally, do not just trust others' recommendations, introductions and advertisements easily.

Don't believe the exaggerated claims of any website, as far as I know, 95% of factories are of the same technical level.

In order to protect your money. Firstly you need to understand whether the sex dolls coming from Sex Dolls Factory. The best way to get a doll is to getting a doll directily from Fatory for it can reduce price without agencies’ commission.

One way to judge a store:

Contact with a store you choosed by a live chat or email. Quickly request them to send the real images of sex dolls. If they can give you the images or video, you can judge by yourself whether it is the same as you need. Of course, the payment is very important. Paypal is a good way to protect your money safety for they have a 180days not condition return policy.


Finally, look at their products, to buy what you are favorite, especially pay more attention on good-looking head. After all, the body is one thing, the appearance level must be their own love, in reality can not and like together has been a pity, so buy things must not make do.

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