The Development of Real Model Dolls: It's not just for desire, But also for other functions

1.The first female puppet

Since the 18th century, Western European men engaged in ocean-going trade spent most of a year on sea-going ships and had no access to women.

In order to relieve the depression, the sailors made their own anthropomorphic puppets to replace women.

This kind of puppet has almost the same corresponding nouns in French and Spanish. It is dame de voyage in French and dama de viaje in Spanish. Both can be translated as the voyager's wife.

When Japanese people engaged in overseas trade saw the uncompressed puppets of these European sailors, it was estimated that they collapsed: White people can actually degenerate into this evil!

The cultural shock was so great that the Japanese at the time used the first white Dutchman as the representative, and gave birth to a noun ダッチワイフ, which means Dutch wife.

Sex dolls are truly inflatable, portable and highly anthropomorphic. It would have to wait until the 1970s for American manufacturers to have enough products that meet the standard.


2.The ancestor of modern sex dolls

The first-generation sex dolls that the Japanese saw were actually very crude. The rough cloth men pierced by the sailors of the sea-going ship with worn-out clothes are as realistic as the scarecrow scaring birds in the field.

And the sex dolls at that time were only used privately among ocean-going seafarers. The global atmosphere in the 18th and 19th centuries was generally restrained, and ordinary people still couldn't accept dolls to vent their desires. 

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Austrian impressionist painter Oscar Kokschka ordered dolls based on real-life models and treated them as wives, which was regarded as the founder of modern sex dolls.

At that time, Kokoschka was a small cultural star in Vienna, and even the Crown Prince Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire—yes, the evil spirit who caused the First World War—had let him off. Words: Every bone of this depraved painter should be broken!

Although Kokoschka's aura is very old-fashioned and tall in Western Europe, the reason for being a sex doll is very similar to that of contemporary Japanese otaku.

Since 1912, Kokoschka fell in love with Alma Mahler, the widow of the famous composer Mahler, and fell in love.

Kokoschka wants to have a clear relationship with Alma, but Alma talks with other people at the same time; Kokoschka wants to marry Alma Fengzi, but Alma insists on aborting; Kokoschka goes to the army and retires. It was discovered that Alma was married.

Contemporary Japanese otaku encounter this cruel blow, and 80% of them marry anime pillows or inflatable dolls as their wives.

In the early 20th century, Kokoschka could not buy these goods, but he could find his peers to order dolls of his ex-girlfriends as his wife.

In 1918, Kokoschka hired a model maker to make a isometric doll with Alma as a model.

The doll made by model makers at that time for Kokoschka


Koksika requires the manufacturer to reproduce the size of the head and neck, the size of the breast ribs, and the proportion of the torso as perfectly as possible, as well as the perfect skin touch. The doll should be lined with the finest sterilized horsehair, and the chest and hip The softest fine cotton batting base.


It is conceivable that the actual product produced according to this design requirement will definitely disappoint customers.


After Kokoschka received the goods, she sent a letter to the manufacturer cursing: "What I want is a smooth and soft skin touch. What is this thing that you made with the bed sheet and Toba! You know I have to dress up the doll carefully, Dress her in Parisian fashion. Your finished product takes so much effort to put on a sock!"

The real appearance of Alma lol

It was a joke that Kokoschka still used this doll as his wife.


He and the "Alma" doll went in and out, went shopping together in a carriage, went to the theater box to watch a show, and went to a restaurant to eat together.


For Kokoschka, this doll is better than a real wife, quiet, obedient and never quarreling.


Of course, there is always time for the passion of artists to die.


Kokoschka finally said, "I don't feel anymore for her." He organized a big party and invited all his friends to come to the house to listen to music and drink. At dawn when everyone was drunk, he splashed the costumed "Alma" doll on A glass of red wine, go out for funeral after beheading...


This guy really deserves not to marry a rich sister.


3.American manufacturers save otaku

Kokoschika's creativity allowed model and toy manufacturers to discover another market for their products.


However, the real development of sex dolls into popular products and letting inflatable dolls live in the bedrooms of single young men still depends on American manufacturers in the 1970s.


In the 1960s, Japanese manufacturers had already made prototypes of inflatable dolls. The customers of these dolls are also alone men on ocean voyages-scientists from the Antarctic scientific expedition voyage and the Antarctic scientific research station.


But the quality of Japanese dolls at that time was really frowning, not to mention that it was easy to leak, there were no necessary cavities, and the user experience was ignored.


But in 1972, the inflatable doll industry ushered in a real innovation.


The successor of the Malos family, one of the two major adult product manufacturers in the United States at the time, Faron Malos, separated from his father's company and started a new business, specializing in inflatable dolls that were previously unpopular in the US market.


Faron imports primary products from Japan, processes holes on Japanese inflatable dolls, and sells them for twice the price.


Faron Marros believes that the supply of Japanese upstream manufacturers is unreliable, and he has devoted much attention to product development and quality testing.


The small entrepreneurial boss lacked money, so Falong asked a friend to test the product for free: the friend went to the nightclub every night to buy drunk, but could not pick up the girl, and then suffocated himself in the apartment building in stock to test the durability of the inflatable doll degree.


Finally, once, a voluntary product tester exploded the sample.


The drunk and unwilling angry man beat up the leaking doll and threw the defective product directly out of the window. The driver downstairs on the road thought that someone had jumped off the building and avoided it.


In 1974, Farron Marros launched the second-generation self-made inflatable doll with cavity. In 1976, after the reorganization of the Marshall family's company, the direct competitor of the Marlos family, they also began to vigorously promote competing products.


The inflatable dolls most familiar to contemporary people opened from adult goods stores in New York and Los Angeles and were promoted to the world.


4.Silicone doll coming out of California garage



Although inflatable dolls are portable and easy to use, their low anthropomorphism is always a major flaw. Users have to fantasize themselves in order to successfully complete a shot.


In 1994, this demand was finally met.


In the tide of American garage entrepreneurship at the end of the last century, not only modern giants such as Google and Amazon were born, but also the founder of high-end silicone sex dolls and the industry leader that continues to this day-Matt McMullen’s "Real "Doll" company.


In 1994, college student McMullen played a team, played sculptures, did odd jobs, and lived a life of ordinary people.


His part-time job is to make masks for Hollywood.


Combining his sculptural hobby, he makes some fine crafted female dummies in the garage and sells them online.


As a result, more than one customer suggested: "Such a good technology, it is a waste not to make sex dolls."


McMullan replied with kindness: "It's not that I want to make adult products, but the customers choose me to make human products. I will reluctantly get a vote for it."


In 1996, McMullen established the Abyss Manufacturing Company and produced the world's first sex doll "real doll" that fully conforms to the anatomical structure of the human body. It uses silicone as the skin, PVC pipe as the bone, and the internal mechanism is fully hinged.


The sex doll finally looks like a person instead of a balloon.


In 1997, the Abyss Manufacturing Company began to sell real dolls on a large scale. At that time, the price of one was 3,500 US dollars.


Now, real doll products start at $5,000.


In 1999, Real Doll appeared on HBO, and since then he has appeared on more than 20 TV stations.


In 2003, the Abyss Manufacturing Company developed a face-changing system, allowing users to match different faces to their dolls.


Matt McMullen has not missed the AI ​​trend in recent years. In 2016, he cooperated with the AI ​​technology development company Realbotix to hire robot engineers to form a sex robot research and development team.


In 2017, the sex robot Harmony was launched. The version with facial recognition function is priced at US$10,000, and the basic version is priced at US$5,000.


The operating system software is also included with the robot. Users can choose among the 18 personalities of Harmony, including shy, gentle, irritable, and jealous. McMullan demonstrated his jealous character during the release. After activation, the robot immediately asked the user: "Remove the picture of that little bitch on Facebook!"


5.The doll is used to treat illness

From rag puppets to mechanical girls, sex dolls have become more and more like real people in the two hundred years. But the more similar the doll and the person, the clearer the distinction between the person and the appliance.


Matt McMullen has said more than once: "Sex toys can never replace real women. This is a fact that cannot be changed." "My product is used to help people who are lonely and difficult to establish relationships with others. Enhancing interaction with women is not meant to replace gender interaction."


"Jobs in the sex doll world" all say that their products are to help people treat illnesses, and customers are not encouraged to treat their dolls as their spouses. The otaku should really listen.


Besides, it is too narrow to take a sex doll as a girlfriend as a wife. The U.S. Department of Defense approached the "Abyss Manufacturing" company to place an order and bought a non-sexy version of the "Real Doll", which was used to train soldiers for emergency treatment in the field.


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