koatsu (158cm)
koatsu (158cm)
koatsu (158cm)
koatsu (158cm)
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koatsu (158cm)

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Height 5'18'' (158cm)
Weight 57.2Ib (26kg)
Breast 2'30'' (70cm)
Waist 1'64''(50cm)
Hip 2'49'' (76cm)
Vagina 19cm
Anus 15cm
G.W 38kg
CTN 150*42*30cm
The product will contain:
A Nude Sex doll 
Wig X 1+Sexy Lingerie X1+ Comb X1+ USB Vagina Heater X1+
Blanket X1 +Vagina Cleaning Device X1 


*100% medical grade full TPE: safety, ultra realistic feeling skin and breasts
* Alloy skeleton inside: any position you like, can stand up
* 3 ways to have fun: vagina, anal and mouth entry
* DIY for your girl: different eyes, wigs, skin color, face,height...etc for option
* fast delivery: 2-3days after order
* Human voice and heating function for option


Can the doll stand on her feet ?
The doll can stand on her feet against the wall or by holding some support that supports her. But she should only stand for a short time to protect the silicone feet.

What material is the skin ?
The doll skin is thermoplastic elastomer

Can the doll go into water ?
The doll can take a shower and also you can put the doll in to water, but don’t put the doll neck and all doll head into water. Do not put the metal parts into water.

Does the doll make-up erase ?
The doll make-up can not erase. It is part of the silicone colour. It will not disappear even with washing with water. Customer can make-up the doll with normal cosmetics but we don’t recommend oil type cosmetics.

What kind of package are the Fantasy Sex dolls delivered in ?
Each Fantasy Sex doll is securely packed in a double reinforced cardboard box that you can keep for storage if needed. The Fantasy Sex Doll is lying downwards inside the box. The Silicone Dolls hands and feet a packages in a protective film. Till date, we have not received or experienced any issues or incidences or damage due the way our dolls are packed.

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